Raid: Highmaul (Heroic, Farm) (Kargath)
Raid: Highmaul (Normal, Progression)
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 8:00pm (7:00pm EST)
Goal: (7/7)

Raid: Highmaul (Heroic, Progression)
Day/Time: Sundays, 8:00pm (7:00pm EST)
Goal: (Butcher, Tectus)

Roster, IG Handle – Spec, Class):
Tank 1: Ascyl (Kendall) – Blood Death Knight
Tank 2: TBD (Tentativo: Kikuet – Protection Warrior)
Heals 1: Escalprillo – Restoration Druid
Heals 2: TBD (Tentativo: Kajota – Restoration Shaman)
DPS Ranged 1: Mazola – Beastmaster Hunter
DPS Ranged 2: Sandrita – Frost Mage
DPS Ranged 3: TBD (Ans – Marksmanship Hunter)
DPS Melee 1: Drbobii – Retribution Paladin
DPS Melee 2: Matrakon – Frost Death Knight
DPS Melee 3: Masstercard – Brewmaster Monk

If you’d like a spot, confirm here with your IG Handle, Spec and Class, or let me know ingame (Ascyl – Arthas). Invites will begin at 7:45pm (6:45pm EST)


Raid Rules:
1. If you go AFK without letting anyone know, you’re out for the night.
2. No raging over VOIP. This is progression. We will die. A lot. Like, a lot.
3. If you’re not going to have a good time, take the tears elsewhere.
4. Only main characters allowed on progression raids. No bringing in alts for gear.

Loot/Item/Drops Rules:
1. Boss Loot: PERSONAL (for the moment). As we put raid content in farm status, we can switch to master loot to help those who need specific pieces of gear.
2. Trash Loot: MASTER LOOT, only for EPICS. If a BOE epic item drops, people that can use and need will be asked to roll. If nobody benefits from the BOE epic, the GUILD will keep it for SELLING ONLY, and add that gold to raiders repairs and expenses.
3. If you are given a BOE epic item, you are expected to equip and use it. This goes into the honor system, but those who cheat this rule will no longer be invited to raids regardless of role, rank or religion (your gods can’t save you!)



All bosses are explained in order. Each encounter is thoroughly explained for each role, and there are videos for every fight available. Please watch them to reduce raid’s time on explaining things.


Any question (not about your religious beliefs), comment (not about your bladder issues), or doubt (not about your sexuality) can be addressed through replying to this post, sending me a private message either on facebook or ingame (Ascyl – Arthas) or WhatsApp.

Have a good day,
Kendall (Ascyl, Blood Death Knight, Arthas)